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Welcome to Söderköping & S:t Anna archipelago

Söderköping is a charming small town, surrounded by a lovely countryside and the beautiful archipelago of S:t Anna.

In Söderköping you can find small vinding alleys and historical quarters from medieval times as well as the Göta canal, small shops, restaurants, ice-creamshops, cafes and outdoor activities.

Welcome to söderköping

Kayaking in St. Anna Archipelago

The St. Anna Archipelago with its thousands of islands and unique nature reserves is a fantastic part of the Östgöta Archipelago. St. Anna archipelago, with all its islets and reefs, is a delight to experience with a kayak or canoe. Whether you are a novice or experienced paddler, it's a great way to get closer to nature and island life.

Let me tell you about the Allemansrätten -Right of Public Access

In Sweden nature is always nearby. And thanks to the Right of Public Access (Allemansrätten) anyone is entitled to roam freely, camp and forage in Swedish nature. But in return you need to treat flora, fauna and people’s property with respect. In this video, nature-enthusiast Jonas and Sanja from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency show you what Allemansrätten is all about.

Swedish waters

With almost 100 000 lakes, Sweden has more inland water than most countries, and a very long coastline dotted with islands. Allemansrätten gives you the right to roam freely and explore Swedish waters on your own.

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