St. Ragnhilds Gille Söderköping


St. Ragnhilds Gille is the regional-history society of Söderköping. It was founded 1918. Activities include the management of the City Historical Museum, lecture evenings, exhibitions, workshops, publication of yearbooks and local historical literature and management of document repositories, archives and newspaper archives as the basis for research.

The association has about 600 members.


City Historical Museum.

Permanent exhibition about development of Söderköping during more than 800 years. Also temporary exhibitions. During its almost 100-year the society has received objects and archival material to cherish. Some are part of the permanent exhibition.

The old school.

Museum and other association premises are situated in the city's oldest school building with the address of Gamla Skolgatan 10. Already in the 1500s it was used as a school. One of the old schools halls are now used to the assembly hall.

Yearbooks and local historical literature.

Yearbooks have been published since 1922. St Ragnhilds Gille has also published several local history books.The books are on display at the museum.

Research Opportunities

Documents, newspaper archives, archives and publications about local history are rich sources for local history and genealogy. Book an appointment on phone 070-2492242.

Newspaper Archive.

From the mid 1800s to the mid 1900s, Soderkoping was endowed with local newspapers. 

Photo Archives.

At   is an archive of old images from Söderköping. . 

Annual Program.

Program sheet with the annual program ca be seen and for download at the organisations site.

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The museum is located in the church park east of the St. Laurentius church