The City Historical Museum of Söderköping

Söderköping   -  Part of: St. Ragnhilds Gille Söderköping

The City Historical Museum of Söderköping has a permanent exhibition of the city´s development from the early Middle Ages to the present day. 

The museum operated by the regional historical society St Ragnhilds Gille. The museum is housed at the second floor of the city's oldest school building. Already in the 1500s it was used.

The ground floor has the three original school halls. One of these is used as a meeting hall for the story nights, study circles and other small gatherings.

The museum has free admission but welcomes a voluntary contribution to its business.

In the museum's front desk are local historical literature and Yearbooks for sale. It is also possible to order digital copies of phots from the extensive photo archive.

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The Church Park east of the St. Laurentius church