Stegeborgs Property


Welcome to Stegeborg!

In the historic environment around Stegeborgs Castle ruin, as the third generation on the farm, we operate A restaurant, a smaller hotel, a marina, campground and Kiosk. The farm also has an airfield where visitors can land for free!

The surroundings invite you to cozy prommenader in Castle Park, swimming at Notholmens swimming area or a longer trek exerciser. The hiking trail "Östgötaleden" passes the farm, but we also maintain our own trails around the property.

Please visit each operations' own pages for more information!

A warm welcome
Casimir & Cassandra with staff

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  • Bastu
  • Café
  • Familjecamping - åldersgräns kan förekomma
  • Gästhamn
  • Kiosk
  • Restaurang med fullständiga rättigheter
  • Vandringsled
  • Badplats