blandArt Town hall Söderköping


|Translated by Google translation|

In Söderköpings Town Hall, a period-style 1700s building drives The artist compound blandArt runs a gallery for art and crafts. It displays arts and crafts of high quality year round.

In connection with the "Great Gallery" is a permanent exhibition area on two floors where one can buy arts and crafts. Other  compounds as Gröna galleriets vänner, Söderköpings Art Association as well as Söderköpings municipality hires "Large Gallery" for its own art exhibitions.
blandArt who initiated the Gallery Town Hall consists of ten artists and craftsmen, all active in Söderköping or nearby municipalities. Association members will present new works in the "Large Gallery" for nine weeks in the summer and an "Autumn Exhibition" during November /December. At the same time a permanent exhibition on two floors.
Group Visits blandArt contains a presentation of the arts among members and works as well as guidance in the Town Hall. Also workshop visits among species members may be provided.

NB. blandArt applies "TAKEAWAY ART" ie, all the works displayed in the gallery's two floors can be purchased and taken at the same time.