Enjoy your stay in Söderköping!

Spending time in Söderköping offers you a range of experiences, regardless of season you choose to come. However, visiting one of the most popular historical towns along the east coast in the summertime, always adds an extra value to your vacation in Sweden.

Spelmän på Storgatan i Söderköping

This picturesque medieval town is a popular destination for all ages and tastes. Discover the centrally located Drothemsquarter – which still provides a sense of Söderköpings medieval appearance with its low habitation and narrow alleys. The Drothem church, one of two churches in the area, originates from the 13th century.

Along the Göta Canal stretches the canal harbour, where people gather for eating, socializing and taking a walk along the waterfront in the scenic surroundings. This often includes a climb up the 318 steps of Ramunderberget with lovely views over the city.

You must not miss the wonderful archipelago of Sankt Anna – just a 30-minute drive from the town centre. Sankt Anna stretches from Aspöja in the north to Southern Finnö in the south and offers thousands of islands and bays to discover.

Throughout the entire summer, Söderköping is filled with music and culture, both in the central parts and in the archipelago. The Streetfestival is the startingpoint for our event season which runs until the yearly Söderköpings Medieval feast, which is celebrated during the last weekend of august. You find information about all events on visit.soderkoping.se


Five tips for a memorable visit in Söderköping!

  1. Download the Storyspot-app on your smartphone and experience Söderköping on your own through our digital guides.
  2. Have an ice-cream! Söderköping is sometimes called the No. 1 ice-cream town of Sweden. Try the locally produced ones or the locally designed creations.
  3. Visit one of our InfoPoints, they offer both personal and printed information and recommendations. You find them on the map in this magazine
  4. Talk to the locals! Söderköping is full of people with local stories and experiences to share. Never hesitate to ask, swedes may appear shy at first, but don’t let that stop you!
  5. Enjoy the closeness to water! No matter where you set foot in Söderköping, you find water close-by; by Göta canal, along the river Storån, in the St Anna archipelago and at the small local lakes.