St. Anna archipelago

The St. Anna Archipelago with its thousands of islands and unique nature reserves is a fantastic part of the Östgöta Archipelago. 


St. Anna archipelago, with all its islets and reefs, is a delight to experience with a kayak or canoe. Whether you are a novice or experienced paddler, it's a great way to get closer to nature and island life.

Pack a picnic and paddle out in the beautiful archipelago and enjoy peaceful surroundings. Make a stop at a small island and take a cooling dip in the sea. Experience the rich bird life up close, and maybe you will also get a glimpse of a seal.


In the St. Anna archipelago, there are several lessor of kayaking and canoeing. They also offers courses and guided tours to suit large and small groups, beginners and experienced paddlers. Would you like to take a tour on your own, there are several exciting suggested routes to follow and experienced lessors who are happy to help you.