Ramunder mountain nature reserve


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Just north of Söderköping is the mythical Ramunderberget. This valuable natural area has for centuries shaped the social and cultural life of the city. From top height with a panoramic view of the city.

Impressive hill 70 meters above Söderköping. It is part of a system of fault which cross from Slätbacken in the east to the west Vättern. Ramunder Its south face plunges down to the still waters of the canal.

The mountain has been used by söderköping residents since ancient times, as is evidenced by the many ancient monuments. As a recreational area, it has a long tradition. From early antics at the Games mountain, through well epoch walking and drinking from healthy sources of today's recreation center at Petersburg. A spooky memory is the old gallows ... Maybe meet at the giantRamunder or Virgin Ragnhild during your hike on the mountain ...


| Translated by google translation | WGS 84 (lat, lon): N 58 ° 29,350 ', E 16 ° 19,128' Run E22 to Söderköping. Follow signs to Z Husby, Ramunder mountain, nature reserve, Sluice Gate. Turn right and drive 0.3 km. Follow signs to Norrköping. Turn right and drive 60 m Turn left, drive 0.8 km. Parking on the right side.