Natural and cultural trail in Tyrislöt

Sankt Anna, Söderköping
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A 2.5 km long hiking trail in the beautiful scenery. Along the uppmarkerade trail you will find information boards where you can read more about what's on the trail.

The path goes in part to a smaller drive, some on trails. About halfway on the trail is a picnic area where you can sit down and rest and eat your own picnic.

The trail was developed in Sankt Anna Hembygdsförenings auspices in collaboration with Söderköping and funded by government grants conveyed by the County Administrative Board in Östergötland (called LONA contribution).


|Translated by Google translation|
Route 210 from Söderköping against St. Anna. Skip to road's end at Tyrislöt. The museum is located across from the campsite reception and out of it are also natural and kuturstigen.